VuoluKalle® Log Debarker Attachment

645,00  (sis. alv)

Powerful tool for log peeling and wood shaping

VuoluKalle is beltdriven debarker attachment for chainsaw. It can be installed to a large selection of professional Stihl, Husqvarna and Echo chainsaws.

The large disk with three adjustable blades makes it a powerful tool which gives you a wide reach. You don’t need to press VuoluKalle onto the log, since its own weight is sufficient to do the work; you basically just move it along the log. See here the videos how it works.

CE marked VuoluKalle has been designed to meet strict safety measures and working efficiency in one package. Zinc plated steel frame and aluminium alloy disc gives you a heavy duty machine which can handle harsh working conditions.

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VuoluKalle Husqvarnaan, VuoluKalle Stihliin